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Level 4

It’s all about Discovery

What people are saying:

Level 3 was a game changer. It brought it all together for me. Clarity is a definite side effect of this work! I see positive changes in my attitude, reactions, ability to create and see possibility, and manifest. People relate to me differently (and I to them.) I feel my worth during interactions and people look to me for guidance, advice, assistance; all while comfortable and confident in my ability to relate, focus and manage my commitments. I feel more available to people and my boundaries are secure. Even in casual interactions, people open up to me. It’s pretty cool! I’m sleeping better. My energy is starting to equalize. I’m able to prioritize my schedule and know the next steps even if the outcome is unclear. I’m also able to take time for myself even if a project is not complete by quitting time. I trust the process and am pretty flexible with change and the unexpected. This is the real deal, Jenny Girl. You assured me you could help. And you did, you have, and you continue to. I thank you for that. This is where I have always wanted to be. Thank you, Jenny. Blessings 


Who’s invited? Anyone who has already taken Summit Transformation Level 1, 2, and 3.

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Level 4 -1
LEvel 4 - 2

in this training, you will learn:

  • About the power of your brain and your mind
  • How Summit Transformation® changes the brain
  • How to do the Body Balance to create optimal health in the body
  • How to do the Mind Balance to find up to 15 hidden blocks around a single problem
  • How to do the Spirit Balance to get belief and understanding on your life’s purpose

you will Get:

  • Training on how to create your best life, body, mind, and spirit
  • Monthly Zoom calls for your facilitation practice
  • Muscle testing practice so you can trust the answers you get from yourself and your clients
  • A new way to help your clients transform and succeed

you wilL receive:

  • A certificate to show that you are certified in Summit Transformation® Level 4

  • A certification mark for your web site that can be used if you plan to help others with this process

  • A new perspective after programming your mind for success

  • Positive benefits from the process that you were not expecting like peace, balance, joy, health, abundance, happiness, and ease body, mind, and spirit

  • A tool you can use for the rest of your life to help yourself and others


***You must take Level 1, 2, & 3 training before you can take Level 4 training.***

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